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Students take part in weekly live-stream seminars, completing four portfolio projects and earning three industry certifications over twelve weeks.

Seminars are live-streamed twice a week, with online office hours in between to workshop any hurdles. All streams are recorded and can be revisited at any time. Pre-recorded lectures and additional learning materials including video how-to’s, slide decks, templates, and worksheets are available throughout the course.

Students go through the program in a cohort of four students, with a designated teaching assistant who is available 24/7 over email to answer any questions and mark homework. Current students and alumni also connect through private networking groups and masterminds.

Students work with companies in our Community Partner Program to complete four portfolio projects throughout the course.

It depends on how speedy you are with homework but it ranges from 10-15 hours per week for part-time students and 20-30 hours per week for full-time students.

We’re getting there. For our¬†accreditation, we’re working with the¬†Distance Education Accreditation Commission, which is the gold standard for online accreditation in the US. To apply we need to have 2 years of enrollment so we’re expecting full accreditation in 2020.

The final two weeks of the program are focused on career and professional development. Depending on your location and goals, students can expect to earn $60,000 annually in the first year after graduation. From there, the sky is the limit. Our founder went from $60,000 a year to $180,000 a year in 3 years.