Online Digital Marketing Is A Great Career For Busy Moms

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Online Digital Marketing is a Momtastic Choice

Being a busy mom has its pros and cons. It’s unlike anything else in the world. From being on the receiving end of a hug from the “bestest” hugger in the world one minute to cleaning up the worst mess ever created with ketchup the next.

No matter the mess (and mess, and mess, and mess), watching the joy and growth of your children is life fulfilling.

Losing yourself in the process…not so much.

How can you, as a runner of errands/solver of problems/kisser of boo-boos busy mom, find the internal self-satisfaction that maybe being pushed to the side?

Enter Online Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing has the flexibility, both in the field and while learning, any busy mom needs with the added benefit of both being fun and bringing in the moola.

The saying “once a mom, always a mom” is true. That never stops so a career change is more like a career addition.

When you decide you want to enter the workforce again it’s important to find something that you enjoy AND works with your lifestyle. If you are creative and love to watch your efforts bring growth than online digital marketing is a great choice.

A Fulfilling Career Change

How will online digital marketing be a fulfilling career change? The flexibility is key. Flexibility in schedule. Flexibility in position. There’s also flexibility in courses to help you start out or up your game.

A Schedule That Compliments Yours

With school and extracurriculars, kid’s schedules take up most of the day and vary throughout the week. Right now you have the added bonus of having a global pandemic and remote learning thrown in. Having a career that a busy mom can fit into her already hectic schedule is a massive win.

Online digital marketing gives you the freedom to choose when you work.

Maybe your peak work times are after the kids are in bed and before they get up. Perhaps you work better while they’re focused on their computer screens for their lessons during the school day.

Then again, maybe chunking your work time in 20-minute increments throughout the day works best. This works well for new moms, too. You can work while the baby naps or, if you don’t want to give up that coveted “no-baby-time” (no one would blame you!), you can work while wearing the baby without any discomfort to either of you.

A career change to digital marketing gives you the ability to find what matches best for you and your family.

Show Me The Money

The average base pay for a digital marketing specialist is $57,000 according to

digital marketing specialist salary

It’s important to note that this role is considered entry-level in the online digital marketing world, so your salary will only increase with experience and specialization (we’ll be discussing specializations in-depth in another blog).

Being able to “bring home the bacon” in this manner will help to ease some of the familial concerns mom’s face on the regular. No more worrying about how to cover it when the car breaks down again!

Bringing in a good salary means you will also be able to save more for the future. Creating a savings account for things like braces, college, and new cars becomes a reality instead of wishful thinking.

Online Digital Marketing is Full of Work Diversity

Do you like working in an office? A brick and mortar location with daily face-to-face interactions? What about freelancing? Have you dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur?

Both are possible with online digital marketing!

You can even have the best of both worlds by working a 9-5 in an office AND freelancing for clients after hours. With this type of career change, the possibilities are almost endless.

Flexible Online Digital Marketing Courses

This all sounds fantastic but what if you don’t have a digital marketing degree?

Not a problem! There are multitudes of online digital marketing courses that you can peruse.

Doing your research and making sure the course you choose will give you the current skills you need is vital. You’ll also want to make sure the course schedule is flexible enough to work with your family life. A Google search will pull up several options for you to look through.

Here at Somerville, our courses were created with moms in mind. All lessons are recorded so you can watch them at the best time for you and our cohort seminars are also recorded in case your little one has a bug and you have to take care of them at the scheduled time.

digital marketing course seminar

Our teachers and teaching assistants make sure to work with everyone on an individual basis to determine the schedule that fits best for them.

Specializations to Meet Your Preferences

Earlier the entry-level position of digital marketing specialist was mentioned. There are also several specializations you can choose from, as well.

Some of these positions are:

  • SEO specialist
  • PPC specialist
  • Social Media expert
  • Email marketing
  • Analytics
  • Content marketing

Once you know what you prefer you can pursue your desired position.

Online Digital Marketing = A Momtastic Career Change

Find yourself again AND career fulfillment all at the same time with online digital marketing. Gain the flexibility you need, the freedom you deserve, and the income you crave. It’s time to do something for yourself. They say a happy mom makes for a happy family. You better believe it.

If you’re looking to gain some new skills or level-up skills you already have to reap the benefits of online digital marketing click below to start your journey with Somerville Academy.

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